St. Paul Lutheran Church

Oakland, CA

Worship, Music, and Art

Music plays a central part in the worship life of St. Paul. Our Director of Music works with a Worship, Music and Art committee and makes music selections with feedback from the committee and the pastor. Worship regularly includes music selections offered by our choirs:

• JOYFUL NOISE! kids' choir
• Junior chancel choir
• Adult chancel choir
• Handbell choir

and by other instrumentalists and vocalists. Features of our music program include cantate Sundays, an increasingly wide range of music from different cultural traditions, special festival choirs and ensembles, and opportunities to include professional musicians in our worship (e.g., a string ensemble on Reformation Sunday). During the course of the church year we use six different liturgies and music from a wide variety of cultural backgrounds. Members of the parish serve as assisting ministers and lectors.