St. Paul Lutheran Church

Oakland, CA

Youth Ministry



An active and growing youth program is an energetic part of our church life. Our Pastor of Youth Ministries coordinates and gives direction to the four youth groups of our church:
• A family ministry group for families with children from preschool to second grade
• The "W.E.B.S." elementary youth group for kids grades 2-5. WEBS stands for Welcome, Experience, Belong, and Share.
• A middle school group called MYLK (Middle Youth Lutheran Kids)
• A senior high group, called SNL (Sunday Night Live)

We also participate in a joint youth ministry program called the East Bay Lutheran Youth Program (EBLYP) with three other Lutheran churches from Oakland and Alameda:

  • Resurrection Lutheran
  • Trinity Lutheran (Oakland)
  • Trinity Lutheran (Alameda)

Activities include: trips to regional and national youth events (and the accompanying fundraising); community service projects; social events like ice-skating and indoor rock climbing; family campouts, picnics, and snow trips; and enhancing the worship life of the church. 20% of our members at St. Paul Lutheran Church are children and we take development of their faith seriously.

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