Who We Are

We are a progressive, diverse, high-spirited, open and affirming community gathered to celebrate and share God’s unconditional love for people of every race, status, background, sexual orientation, or gender identity. We especially invite and embrace all who have been alienated from, or rejected by, the Church. We want to be “radically inclusive.”

With the confidence that comes from knowing that God loves us without expecting anything from us to earn God’s love, we are freed to seek social justice for those who are powerless, oppressed, and discriminated against. In small and bold ways we do what we can individually and as a community to bring healing and wholeness to a broken world. We want to be “radically compassionate.”

Whether you think of yourself as a religious person, a spiritual person, a seeker, or a skeptic, we invite you to visit us, experience our hospitality, and if you are so moved, adopt us as your extended family.